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Earth Day Northwest 2020 Youth Council


We are excited to update you on our Youth Council Summit.

First, we first just wanted say: Thank you again to the youth for bringing their awesome energy and thoughts and selves to the Summit! It was so amazing for us to see all the young people’s taking on important issues in their communities. We hope that everyone left feeling a little more equipped to take on the (pretty daunting) problems in front of us, and a little more connected to other folks doing the same thing.

Below are websites for presenting organizations. Donations to these and other organizations you support are always welcomed and appreciated. If you have specific folks you want to get in touch with, please reach out so we can make that connection. And keep an eye out for more actions and initiatives from Earth Day Northwest 2020!


Miyo McGinn and Kendall Kieras, co-chairs. Earth Day North West 2020. 2020 Youth Council

We would like to give a special thanks to the Organizations who come and shared at our Earth Day Youth Council Summit.

Sunrise Movement Seattle
Seattle Sunrise Movement is a national movement dedicated to fighting climate change and creating millions of good jobs in the process. They support the Green New Deal as a just transition to renewable energy that uplifts the communities who have historically been the most hard-hit by environmental issues. They are youth-led and youth-supported.

Youth Climate Strikes-
The youth have taken the lead in the fight against climate change all around the world. Youth Climate Strike has made it their mission to use striking as a tool to get the attention of world leaders who have yet to make the climate crisis a priority. Their voices ask for the Green New Deal, dismantling of the fossil fuel industry, equitable transitions for communities most impacted by the climate crisis, and other sustainability priorities.

This Is Zero Hour-
This Is Zero Hour is a youth founded and led organization that have chapters nationwide. Started out of the frustration by youth who felt their voices were not heard by officials. This movement understands climate change cannot be fully addressed without addressing social justice, speaking on the impact of this climate crisis have made of low income families. They believe in harnessing the power of youth-led organizing and leadership – from all backgrounds and experiences – and moving towards a more equitable and safe future for all.

Arts Corps-
Arts Corps is dedicated to addressing the lack of access to art education for low income and young people of color. Annually they work with 2500 students in the South of Seattle and South King County. Arts Corps three core values are justice, collaboration and inspiration. First, justice and a commitment to the cause of fairness, respect and equality. Collaboration which requires the communication, humility and accountability as they use collective wisdom to work toward same goals. And lastly inspiration, dedicating themselves to creative imagination through authenticity and risk-taking that inspire minds, emotions and creative sides.

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Past Events:

Earth Day Northwest 2020 Youth Summit

September 14th, 2019

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No one has a bigger stake in the future of our region than the young people that live here. To ensure that their voices are part of the conversation, Earth Day Northwest hosted a Youth Summit.

Young people from around the region came together in Seattle in September for this one-day conference, where they discussed the issues they want to see addressed in the next five years. Following the conference, representatives from the Summit addressed the Earth Day Northwest Leadership Group as Earth Day Youth Ambassadors, sharing the youth-identified priorities and suggested next steps over the next five years.

In an attempt to ensure that the current (and future!) diversity of experiences and needs in the region is represented at the Summit, Youth Ambassadors and Youth led Organziations with a diversity of identities, backgrounds, and interests, will be selected.

Getting so many engaged young people into the same room allows the opportunity to form connections across communities and interests, catalyzing further action. All applicants are also be invited to participate in any future Earth Day Northwest 2020 Youth Council projects.