Youth Council

Earth Day Northwest 2020
Youth Council Summit

September 14th, 2019

No one has a bigger stake in the future of our region than the young people that live here. To ensure that their voices are part of the conversation, Earth Day Northwest hosted a Youth Summit.

Young people from around the region came together in Seattle in September for this one-day conference, where they discussed the issues they want to see addressed in the next five years. Following the conference, representatives from the Summit addressed the Earth Day Northwest Leadership Group as Earth Day Youth Ambassadors, sharing the youth-identified priorities and suggested next steps over the next five years.

In an attempt to ensure that the current (and future!) diversity of experiences and needs in the region is represented at the Summit, Youth Ambassadors and Youth led Organziations with a diversity of identities, backgrounds, and interests, were selected.

Getting so many engaged young people into the same room allowed the opportunity to form connections across communities and interests, catalyzing further action.