Frequently Asked Questions

Why “Northwest”?

The Pacific Northwest has a history of coming together to face big challenges head on. Earth Day Northwest 2020 takes the fundamentals and mission of the first Earth Day and applies it to regional, long term sustainability – with the goal to make this region more livable and sustainable for all.

Earth Day Northwest 2020 projects will be a catalyst for long term change – each one causing ripples throughout this region. These projects will demonstrate to ourselves and others that fundamental change is not only possible, but we are already well on our way.

Can I start an Earth Day project in my organization?

Absolutely! We welcome and encourage all organizations to get involved. Earth Day Northwest 2020 requires that all projects impact our three pillars of sustainability (environment, equity and inclusion and the built environment). We are happy to provide resources to help your organization develop a project that meets the criteria. Contact us to receive a project toolkit or to learn more about submitting a project.

What can I do as an individual? 

A big part of Earth Day Northwest 2020 is empowering individual action. We encourage you to take our pledge, and commit to making change. Take a look at our Take Action page for ideas – and let us know if you have other suggestions!

Be sure to share your commitments and action steps with the tags: #mytimetochange and #earthdayourway.

Are you affiliated with Earth Day Network?

Earth Day Northwest 2020 began at the urging of Denis Hayes, lead organizer of the first Earth Day and Board Chair Emeritus of the Earth Day Network. Independent of the Earth Day Network, Earth Day Northwest 2020 coordinates and shares many of the great resources provided by the Earth Day Network. Additionally, Earth Day Northwest 2020 shares it’s work, toolkits and approach with the Earth Day 2020 team at the Earth Day Network.

How are you affiliated with Forterra?

Earth Day Northwest 2020 is fiscally sponsored, but not funded by Forterra. Earth Day Northwest 2020 raises its own operating budget and rents office space from Forterra. Additionally, Earth Day Northwest 2020 is chaired by Gene Duvernoy, CEO Emeritus for Forterra.

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