Now, more than ever, we as a local and global community need to come together and be the change we wish to see. On the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, our relationship to the environment has never been more important. This interactive campaign will not only make people aware of the power their voices have, but also to inspire them to use it by giving them the information and tools to do just that. Our mission is to inspire action.

We asked 50 influential regional and national voices to share their vision of a positive future over the next 5 years. Watch what’s happening on our Instagram, and follow the hashtag #voicescarry2020.

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Denis Hayes

Founder | Earth Day Network

I hope some of the grizzled veterans of the 1960s will find common cause with the angry young activists of today — a "gray-green" alliance.

Jay Inslee

Governor Of Washington State

We are committed to leaving the earth as a legacy, instead of as a burden, for our kids and grandkids.

Fawn Sharp

President | Quinault Indian Nation

We must apply this basic principle of responsible governance to every scientifically proven challenge to the sustainability of our world.

Stefan Frei

Goalkeeper | Seattle Sounders FC

I believe renewable energy is the future and if leaders enthusiastically tackle the challenge, we will make a better world.

Brian Schmetzer

Head Coach | Seattle Sounders FC

As I think about the next five years, hopefully there are some lessons that we can take forward from our current shared challenges.

Tori Kirihara

Visual Artist

With the current state of the world, I am trying to find some positive in this. Mother Nature has been my solace in it all.

Rick Steves

Public Television Host

It'll only be here for our children with an appreciation of the fragility of the environment we've been so richly blessed with.

Seattle Art Museum

More green space for art and people.

Woodland Park Zoo

Now, more than ever, we must unite all our voices in defining the future we want to see, and act to protect our ecosystems and save species.

Travis Thompson

Recording Artist

I want to see people vote for progressive, equitable leaders who listen to what science is telling us about our planet.

Alexis Reimers

Artist | The Residency Program

I hope to see more people driven by empathy and love, and less ego and hate. I hope for people to slow down, take less, and give more.


Recording Artist

I hope that after it is safe again to gather in groups and shop in stores, we remember how letting the world breathe was so beneficial to everyone.

Cleo Brooks

The Seattle Public Library

Pioneer Library programs that spotlight the voices of the communities most affected by climate change in energy-efficient, carbon-neutral libraries.

Isha Sangani

The Seattle Aquarium

Washington State will take the lead on passing bold climate policy.

Brad Evans

Brand Ambassador | Seattle Sounders FC

I'd like to see all of us take five small pledges to reduce plastic, reduce mindless consumption, reuse items, compost and recycle.

Cristian Roldan

Midfielder | Seattle Sounders FC

In the next 5 years, a positive change that I would like to see is for everyone to take plastic waste more seriously.


Recording Artist

I believe we can reset, recenter, and reimagine the way we live our lives in relationship to the earth and to each other.


Recording Artist

We need a shift in the zeitgeist. In order to effect change in the way humans impact the world we need to take ownership of our role in that process.

Pacific Science Center

Science and an informed public are humanity’s best hopes in addressing climate change, COVID-19, and other threats.

Julia Jannon-Sheilds

Student | University Of Washington

I want to see a dynamic shift in the fabric of American society.

Sam Lachow

Recording Artist

I think we will soon look back at this time and shake our heads at how cruel and wasteful the industrial agriculture machine has been.

Max Ntege

Earth Day Student Ambassador

All it takes is a sense of urgency and a mutual consensus on the importance of making the world a better place.

Stas Thee Boss

Recording Artist

My strongest vision is a mass transcendance from mediocrity and inadequacy. We have allowed our world to be cared for by people who are unqualified.

Human Condition


The future of our Earth depends on our immediate mobilization to change the ways in which we live our lives.

Dow Constantine

King County Executive

We have a blueprint for saving the planet. It’s happening right now. As the world reacts to the COVID-19 crisis, we see the power of collective action.

Hilary Franz

Washington Commissioner of Public Lands

This is our chance to embolden the next generation of public lands stewards.

Bob Ferguson

Attorney General | Washinton State

Every community in Washington will enjoy full protetion under environmental laws and have a say in creating those laws.

Alyssa Macy

Washington Environmental Council

Elected leaders must address the challenges – public health, our economy, the environment – with a vision that helps us realize a just, sustainable future.

Carol Bogezi

Conservation NW Board Member

I am keen on promoting wildlife-friendly food especially meats, so I envision this region to lead on that front.

Pagliacci Pizza

Matt Galvin | Co-Owner

For Earth Day NW 2020, we have pledged to eliminate single-use plastics company-wide.


Erika White | Owner

My hope is that we work together to keep our neighborhoods clean work on planting new trees continue to recycle and compost to replenish the earth.

Dezarae Hayes

Director Of Tribal Relations | Sound Transit

In the next five years, progress needs to be made in the hearts of our people.

Liam Broadhead

Earth Day Student Ambassador

The next 5 years are critical to making tremendous strides to a more sustainable and environmentally-conscience planet.

Chong The Nomad

Music Producer

It would be amazing to see, on a global level, a push for renewable energy and a united effort to make the switch.

Casey Carter

Radio Host

I would love to see more people, especially the youth, use and invest in more eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Cheyene Carlson

Seattle University Law Student

Imagine the streets of Seattle no longer rattling with endless lines of cars. Public transportation is the epitome of the future; it’s undeniable.

Athletic Form

Robel Woldu | Owner

People have the ability to make small, meaningful changes right now that can build to bigger more positive changes in the future.

Dave B

Recording Artist

Personally, my generation and the ones to follow, we have to hold ourselves more accountable when it comes to how much energy we use.

Nick Beeba

DJ | Artist

I want to see larger voter turnout in the next five years, more love than hate, and politicians who prioritize human rights and needs over money.

India Posner

Birth Doula

Childbirth education, feeding support, healers, full spectrum doulas, midwives, physical body workers, therapy: these should be accessible to everyone.


Youth Led Service Organization

In the next five years, youth will become the leaders that help guide our society to a more environmentally conscious and inclusive community.

Lucas Joppa / Microsoft

Chief Environmental Officer | Microsoft

A healthy society requires a healthy planet and it is time for us to ensure that we measure both.

Jacqueline Smith

Green Team Lead | Alaska Airlines

In the next 5 years, new products will not create new waste.

Kalie Sandstrom

Social Responsibility and Marketing Director | Lux Pot Shop

I hope that after it is safe again to gather in groups and shop in stores, we remember how letting the world breathe was so beneficial to everyone.

Cassidy Davis

Member | Puget Sound Public Relations Society of America

In five years, the message of a new, environmentally sustainable economy will resonate worldwide.

Olivia Kwon

Earth Day 2020 Youth Ambassador

I hope in 5 years to see less plastic in the ocean. It's bad for the animals and it makes me sad. We should treat the ocean better.

Brandon Kwon

Earth Day 2020 Youth Ambassador

One thing I want to see in five years is reduced air pollution.

Fred Felleman / Port of Seattle

Port Of Seattle Commissioner

I envision the Salish Sea being restored to an ecological oasis - from eelgrass to Orcas.

Tony Mestres / Seattle Foundation

President + CEO | Seattle Foundation

Seattle Foundation is committed to advancing climate justice and ensuring communities who are disproportionately impacted are leading the way to solutions.

Steve Shestag / Boeing

Director Of Environment | The Boeing Company

Over the next five years, I’ll be looking forward to the return of salmon and orca to the Puget Sound as our efforts to improve water quality are realized.

Sam Hiatt:

I want to see zero carbon alternatives to fossil fuels.