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Earth Day Northwest 2020 celebrates the NEXT 5 decades of Earth Day by asking organization and individuals to take action for the environment and our communities.

Hosting an Earth Day event in your community is a wonderful way to bring community together, promote action and make a difference!

To support your efforts, here are some things to consider when planning your event.

Decide on an Event Type

Determine what type of event suits your needs best. Some event ideas include: conservation teach-ins, community waste cleanups, issue letter writing drives, phone banking, and green voter registration events.

The Earth Day Network has developed a suite of comprehensive toolkits if you need a little more detail or inspiration

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Develop Key Messages

Key messages should help tell your story. Key things to keep in mind when developing your message:

Is it cohesive? Does it convey a sense of urgency? Have broad appeal? Provide a call to action?
We’re also encouraging our partners to incorporate ‘NEXT 5’ into their communications.

Are you asking people to commit to 5 actions? Taking on a project that will improve the community in the NEXT 5 years? Or NEXT 5 decades?

Create a Work Group

Successful events utilize a multi-functional working group to tackle the various aspects of coordinating the event.

*Tip: Social media platforms, such as Facebook, can be effective for organizing and coordinating a responsive event management team.

We recommend that working groups include:

A coordinator, or the decision-maker in charge of event logistics

A communications team responsible for messaging and public relations

An engagement and outreach group, responsible for event promotion and attendance

Raise Money

The first thing an organizer needs to do is to create a budget. Make your budget realistic – not too high, but high enough to accomplish the event’s objectives.

An effective budget will:

Help you identify your needs

Reveal ways you can fill those needs

Demonstrate professionalism


Depending on the size of the event you are planning, you may need to raise funds. While Earth Day Northwest 2020 does not provide funding for individual events, we may be able to help identifying or connecting organizers with potential sources of funding to meet your cost goals.

Please reach out to for more information.

Launch a Social Media Campaign

Press Interest is key to building attendance and the attention of elected officials. Create a plan that includes top-line messaging, a timeline for media relations, and begin drafting social media messaging.

Before the Event

1. Compile a media list with a broad range of reporters and outlets.

2. Communicate with key reporters and outlets most likely to cover your issue or community.

3. Email out a media advisory with brief language about the event and its relevance.

Help with media advisories and press lists can be found in most of the Earth Day Networks’ toolkits.

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During the Event

1. Gather information during the event.

2. Get photos or videos!

Be sure to get permission from participants before posting or submitting to media outlets.

After the Event

1. Send out a press release that captures the event, including photos or video.

2.Celebrate your success on social media!

Other Event Planning Tips

Host Planning Meetings

Worth with your team to set dates an venues for work sessions. Decide on deadlines and stick to a schedule. 

Provide Information

Keep your team and audience udated on event details via email, facebook event updates, and social media updates. 

Find a Venue

When choosing a venue, consider:

1. Parking & Public Transit
2. Stage & Venue Setup
3. Food & Beverages
4. Event Close & Cleanup