Next 5

Our Next 5

We’re using the next five (months, years, decades) to take
collective action towards sustainability in these 5 key areas:

100% Clean Energy

Clean & Equitable Transportation


Healthy & Sustainable Food

Clean Air & Water

Take Action

Commit to small and big actions in all five categories. Whether you’re an ogranization or an individual, you can help lead the change. 

Commit to Your Next 5

Make a difference by commiting to 5 actions! Ready to get started? Here are some ideas to help you commit to your NEXT 5!

Commit to Your #NEXT5
Organize a Group or Plan an Event

Inspire others to take action! Check out our tips for organizing and planning events.

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Volunteer Your Time

Take action by donating your time and building commuinty. 

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Learn & Get Inspired

Explore our blog for ideas on how you can take action each month, and for inspiration from our partners making a difference.

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Share Your Commitment 
& Challange Others to Take Action

Share why and how you’re taking action to enourage others to do the same.

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Looking for more ideas or resources?

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