My Next 5 Commitment


Ready to commit to your #NEXT 5? Choose 5 actions from the list below, then share your commitment with family and friends!

  • Energy efficiency is the most effective way to cut your energy bill and to help move the Northwest on the path to 100% Clean Energy.
  • Reduce, reuse and up-cycle. Each one of us can play a central role in making the Northwest the first region in the nation to be Zero-Waste.
  • You can make a meaningful difference in our collective effort to ensure our region has clean air and water for all generations and species.
  • Arrive green and accelerate the transition to cleaner, cheaper, faster and safer transportation in the Northwest.
  • There are concrete steps that every person can take right now to transition to sourcing and producing food in a manner that is healthier for people and the long-term health of the planet.