Elected Officials

Elected Officials

Special thanks to our elected officials

Attorney General Bob Ferguson,
Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz
King County Executive Dow Constantine, and
Fawn Sharp, President of the Quinault Indian Nation

Our Pledge

As elected officials in the Pacific Northwest, we pledge to support Earth Day Northwest 2020’s three pillars of sustainability: protect and preserve the natural environment; expect and commit to equity and inclusion; and ensure our built communities – cities and towns – are vibrant, livable and healthy.

Real sustainability requires a healthy environment and a thriving community that are accessible and welcoming to all our residents. We are committed to being inclusive of all cultures, ethnicities, identities, beliefs and backgrounds working together.

We, the undersigned, pledge to:
Support innovative partnerships that advance sustainability
Create adaptive governance models to advance sustainability
Adopt policies that reduce our respective jurisdiction’s carbon footprint in five years consistent with State law
Prioritize energy efficiency through transportation, land-use and other policies
Align purchasing priorities with sustainability goals
Inform and engage residents to be part of the solution, including enhancing education, training, public awareness, public participation and public access to information.

The Pacific Northwest embodies a spirit of innovation and action. The most certain path towards a sustainable future is not by lofty declaration, but by tangible, demonstrable change. Through our collective commitment we will act with resolve, to maximize our individual and organizational strengths for the benefit of all.


Last updated:  February 21, 2020
Names listed alphabetically

Cynthia Adkins, Deputy Mayor | Medina
Sofia Aragon, Councilmember | Burien
Nancy Backus, Mayor | Auburn
Sally Bagshaw, City Councilmember (Former) | Seattle

David Baker, Mayor | Burien
Claudia Balducci, Councilmember | King County Council

Carol Benson, Mayor | Black Diamond
Angela Birney, Mayor | Redmond
Neal Black, Councilmember | Kirkland
Stephanie Bowman, Commissioner | Port of Seattle

Bill Boyce, Councilmember | Kent
Ryan Calkins, Commissioner |Port of Seattle

Kelli Curtis, Councilmember | Kirkland
Milton Curtis, Councilmember | Kenmore
Kristiana de Leon, Councilmember | Black Diamond
Barbara de Michele, Councilmember | Issaquah
Tamie Deady, Councilmember | Black Diamond
Rod Dembwski, Councilmember | King County Council
Jenny Durkan, Mayor | Seattle

Allan Ekberg, Mayor | Tukwila
Fred Felleman, Commissioner | Port of Seattle

James (Jim) Gillespie, Councilmember | Milton
Will Hall, Mayor | Shoreline

Zach Hall, Councilmember | Issaquah
Nigel Herbig, Deputy Mayor | Kenmore
Victoria Hunt, Council President | Issaquah
Rob Johnson, Councilmember (Former) | Seattle

Deborah Juarez, Councilmember | Seattle 
Satwinder Kaur, Councilmember | Kent
Jeanie Kohl-Wells, Councilmember | King County Council

Kathy Lambert, Councilmember | King County Council
Matt Larson, Mayor | Snoqualmie
Christie Malchow, Deputy Mayor | Samamish
Joe McDermott, Councilmember | King County Council

Zandria Michaud, Councilmember | Kent
Mike O’Brien, Councilmember (Former) | Seattle  
Amy Ockerlander, Mayor | Duvall
Abel Pacheco, Councilmember (Former) | Seattle 

Jon Pascal, Councilmember | Kirkland
Mary Lou Pauly, Mayor | Issaquah
Corina Pfeil, Councilmember | Kenmore
Larry Philips, Councilmember (Retired) | King County 

De’ Sean Quinn, Councilmember | Tukwila 
Craig Reynolds, Councilmember | Mercer Island
Semra Riddle, Councilmember | Lake Forest Park
Betsy Robertson, Councilmember | Shoreline
Dave Somers, County Executive | Snohomish 

Deb Srebnik, Councilmember | Kenmore
Chris Stearns, Councilmember | Auburn
Peter Steinbrueck, Commissioner | Port of Seattle

Pamela Stuart, Councilmember | Burien
John Stokes, Councilmember | Bellevue 

Nancy Tosta, Councilmember | Burien
Dave Upthegrove, Councilmember | King County Council

Peter Von Reichbauer, Councilmember |King County Council 
Wendy Weiker, Deputy Mayor | Mercer Island
Christopher Wisnoski, Councilmember | Black Diamond
Girmay Zahilay, Councilmember | King County Council