Elected Officials Pledge and Form

Thank you for your commitment to public service and protecting our communities during this unprecedented global health crisis caused by COVID-19. Our heart goes out to anyone in our communities experiencing the illness and its ramifications. The environment of the Pacific Northwest is second to none. Its community innovative and resilient. As we work together to address the immediate crises caused by COVID-19, we remain committed to our region and community’s sustainability and helping to make it the best place to call home.

Elected Officials Pledge

As elected officials in the Pacific Northwest, we pledge to support Earth Day Northwest 2020’s three pillars of sustainability: protect and preserve the natural environment; expect and commit to equity and inclusion; and ensure our built communities – cities and towns – are vibrant, livable and healthy.

Real sustainability requires a healthy environment and a thriving community that are accessible and welcoming to all our residents. We are committed to being inclusive of all cultures, ethnicities, identities, beliefs and backgrounds working together.

We, the undersigned, pledge to:

  • Support innovative partnerships that advance sustainability
  • Create adaptive governance models to advance sustainability
  • Adopt policies that reduce our respective jurisdiction’s carbon footprint in five years consistent with State law
  • Prioritize energy efficiency through transportation, land-use and other policies
  • Align purchasing priorities with sustainability goals
  • Inform and engage residents to be part of the solution, including enhancing education, training, public awareness, public participation and public access to information.

The Pacific Northwest embodies a spirit of innovation and action. The most certain path towards a sustainable future is not by lofty declaration, but by tangible, demonstrable change. Through our collective commitment we will act with resolve, to maximize our individual and organizational strengths for the benefit of all.

Elected Officials Pledge