A Call to Be Bold: Gene Duvernoy

A Call to Be Bold: Gene Duvernoy

Thank you all for wholeheartedly participating in the 12 working groups at the first session of Navigating Sustainability in a Time of Great Change. Launched by a charge from Governor Inslee and inspired by a ‘call to be bold’ by Brad Smith and our panelists, each working group explored serious, thoughtful, big ideas for the region.  Literally dozens of them.  We are now sorting through the proposals and expect to send you an early read on some of the most intriguing in the next several days for your review and consideration.

A theme that came forward from virtually every group was not to waste time “rearranging the deck chairs.” Our multiple crises need all of us in the region to put aside our day-to-day agendas and come together for fundamental change. We move forward as a community of interests, not as an assembly of intransigent and opposing world views.  Yes, this is an admittedly high level call for change, but absolutely the right context to consider the grounded proposals from each working group. 

More soon.  

Gene Duvernoy

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