Seattle Aquarium Earth Day Celebration

Seattle Aquarium Earth Day Celebration

Ocean and Coastal Policy Advocacy Training: The training will bring together a cohort of policy and communications professionals in Washington state and elevate their education around federal ocean policy in addition to providing an opportunity for a range of voices to come together. The majority of ocean and coastal policy issues are highly interconnected to the land, racial equity, well-being and resilience of BIPOC communities in the face of climate change. Many of the environmental issues focused on in the Puget Sound region can also be championed at the national level. To motivate congressional members to be proactive in seeking and advancing ocean and climate policy, they must see that ocean health as a top priority for their diverse constituency, including Washington NGOs and voices that are historically absent when ocean policy issues emerge or legislation is being shaped. Participants in the training will:

  • develop a deeper understanding and awareness of how their work connects to national ocean policies and local environmental initiatives and how to effectively communicate this connection to decision-makers at the state and federal level, at public events and beyond.
  • gain awareness regarding the current state of federal and regional ocean policy, local issues impacting the West Coast and best practices in advocacy to increase their comfort level in advocating for these topics and other issues they are passionate about.

Amplifying Ocean Advocacy Workshop: This highly interactive workshop is geared toward raising awareness around why individual voices matter, why you should care about ocean health, and what you can do to help advance science-based, community-informed ocean policy. This workshop is intended for individuals for whom policy and advocacy are not currently part of their daily activities. Participants will gain insight on how to evaluate and take action when an urgent issues or legislation arise, with the understanding that their personal actions truly matter. The workshop will foster a network of trained, ready-to-act ocean advocates in Washington who are poised to take action on ocean issues and to elevate elected leaders who already are or have the potential to become ocean champions.

Earth Action Day: In honor of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Seattle Aquarium is excited to present Earth Action Day, made possible with the generous support of Boeing. Earth Action Day is a day dedicated to taking action on behalf of our blue planet. Guests will be able to connect with organizations working to make a difference in their local and global communities through short term and long term actions, including volunteering and more. The event will take place on Saturday, April 18, 2020. As part of the event, guests may choose their admission price to access the Aquarium.

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