Inspire at The Russell W. Young Building

Inspire at The Russell W. Young Building

Sometimes to look forward, we must first look to the past. Inspire at the Russell W. Young Building was built to honor its namesake, a Seattle innovator and entrepreneur who shaped his community and inspired those who knew him. Built by Russell’s Fifth Avenue Inc. and Shilshole Development, the project team found motivation in creating a healthy and inclusive home for both people and the environment.

Inspire is a 42 unit apartment building located in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood and is Seattle’s first residential development to produce over 100% of its power with onsite renewable energy. It is also Seattle’s first residential development to pursue the Living Building Challenge for Energy, one of the world’s most ambitious green building certifications.

The project is grounded in the values of Equity and Inclusion, designed, built, and managed for working millennials intent on living with and experiencing people from all walks of life. Built to help the housing needs of Seattle’s young workers, Inspire invites residents to know their fellow tenants through innovative connections within the building and to the larger community.

A beautiful array of solar panels removes reliance on carbon-based fuels and eliminates electricity bills for residents. Generous outdoor gardens provide food for occupants and habitat for local species. And large floor-to-ceiling windows provide a connection to nature framing views of lush trees, Mt. Rainier, pristine snow-capped mountains, Lake Union and the beautiful Seattle skyline.

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