Super Hero Earth Day – Environmental Awareness and Stewardship

Super Hero Earth Day – Environmental Awareness and Stewardship

Imagine Children’s Museum strives to utilize playful learning to enrich children’s lives. One way we accomplish this mission is by connecting children and families to the role they play in ensuring a sustainable future. By informing and involving them in playful learning centered on the environment, we can inspire children to take action now and in the future. Our approach includes three components: free and reduced-price access to learning opportunities; a focus on maintaining a healthy Puget Sound ecosystem in our current and future exhibits and programs; and expanding our physical space with sustainable building practices in mind.

This year, we are expanding our free access opportunities to include our Earth Day celebration on April 18. “Superhero Day: Mission: Earth Day” is a playful approach to engaging children and families in learning about sustainable practices. Children are encouraged to dress as superheroes to drive the message that they themselves are empowered to care for the environment. A variety of playful learning activities aim to help children and families recognize the steps they are already taking to help the environment, encourage them to incorporate additional sustainable practices, and pass along their knowledge to friends and family.

We will break ground in September 2020 on a four-story, 47,000sf facility that will more than double our current space. The building will be constructed from cross-laminated timber (CLT), a material that has been shown to have a lower environmental impact than traditional building materials such as concrete and steel. We are proud to be one of the first buildings in our region to use this sustainable technology. Visitors will recognize the use of CLT while in the Museum and will learn about its advantages.

Our expanded facility will include a major new exhibit on the ecology of the Puget Sound. This exhibit will feature hands-on educational activities that will inspire children and families to take positive action toward protecting local waters. Through features such as an aquarium with local marine life and an augmented-reality sand table reflecting local climate and geology, children and families will learn through experience that small actions collectively can make a large difference to life in and around the Sound. As the exhibit is under development throughout this year and next, educators will share prototypes of activities with visitors so that they may refine the message to better achieve our educational goals.

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