PCC Carbon Capture Project

PCC Carbon Capture Project

PCC has been reducing its carbon footprint by designing and operating stores with energy efficiency in mind.  For the past two years, PCC mitigated the remainder of its footprint by purchasing carbon offsets, which directly supported national projects to capture harmful landfill gasses, like methane.  In celebration of Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, PCC decided to do something special this year.  They offset their carbon footprint much closer to home by partnering with Forterra, a Seattle-based non-profit organization whose mission is to secure keystone lands that are vital to our region’s long-run livability, sustainability, and equity. 

As a participant of Forterra’s Evergreen Carbon Capture (ECC) program, PCC recently purchased 1,028 native conifer trees, which will be planted at Strawberry Fields Park and Athletic Field in Marysville, WA on February 2020.  In addition to absorbing carbon, these trees will support water quality in the Middle Fork of Quilceda Creek, a tributary to the Snohomish River – as well as reduce the flooding that neighbors downstream experience.  The middle fork of Quilceda Creek is on the State Department of Ecology’s 303(d) list for impaired waterbodies. Planting trees along Quilceda Creek will play a critical role in addressing this impaired waterway, while providing necessary habitat for native salmon and additional wildlife that rely on these riparian areas. By increasing shade along the creek, providing nesting sites for wildlife, and adding to a biodiverse palette of native plants, these 1,028 trees will help to build a forest that will provide benefits to Marysville communities, plants, and wildlife alike!

ECC began as a partnership with Seattle’s very own, Pearl Jam, who wanted to take responsibility for their carbon emissions produced from their world tour by planting trees in their local community.  ECC has since planted over 33,000 trees throughout the region and has mitigated over 165,000 tons of carbon.

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