Be Curious. Celebrate Earth

Be Curious. Celebrate Earth

Throughout April, Pacific Science Center is planting seeds of wonder and change. Curiosity springs to life with Earth-focused events, experiences, and hands-on activities. PacSci is committed to building and maintaining a sustainable future, not only during Earth Day, but all year long. We believe that everyone should have access to science and the tools to understand it, no matter what your background.

The growing body of scientific evidence presents a clear message: we are already experiencing global climate change. While our scientific understanding of this continues to grow, here are four ways we’re rising to the challenge to take action and support the next five.

Protect and preserve the natural environment

What they say is true – knowledge is power. PacSci brings science to the forefront to educate and inform guests about climate change, and provide suggestions on how they can help. Climate is a common thread throughout our exhibits from melting polar icecaps and growing plants in space to protecting the Puget Sound and animals. It’s also making sure to teach the small things like proper recycling and composting. Not only do we equip guests with the knowledge they need, but also empower them to take action no matter how big or small the scale.

Expect and commit to equity and inclusion

We prioritize inclusion, diversity, equity and access in order to strengthen our organization and community. Our Access to Science Pipeline provides need-based financial aid for STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) camps, field trip scholarships for students in low income communities, free or reduced-price outreach programming for youth who can’t visit the Science Center in person, and high school development programs that focus on empowering under-represented students to pursue STEM fields, including females, those in low-income households, and students of color. We also offer family and youth access memberships as part of our commitment to make climate science available to all.

Embrace innovation

Innovation will play a key role in weathering climate change, so why not embrace it? Technology is a powerful tool and experiences like virtual reality can help bridge the gap. Be transported to a rainforest in Tasmania to develop an appreciation for your surroundings through the senses. Technology is an important medium in which we can show where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Ensure our built communities are safe, livable, and healthy

PacSci serves as a community gathering space to discuss, debate, and collaborate on topics relevant to science and technology. We bring in experts including scientists, professors, researchers, doctors, and more to share their unique perspectives and insights. Guests can learn about everything from climate depression and octopus intelligence, to transportation and human composting.

Celebrate Earth and discover how you can take action with Pacific Science Center. Learn more about special, daily events throughout April at