Equitable Development Fund

Equitable Development Fund

Seattle Parks Foundation has been working closely with leadership staff at Seattle Parks and Recreation and with members of the Park District Oversight Committee and Board of Park Commissioners to create a new Equitable Development Fund as part of the next Seattle Parks District budget to be adopted in 2021. This fund—as currently envisioned—will distribute $2.5 million a year to enhance parkland and green spaces, improve access to recreation facilities and relevant programs, and grow the capacity of local organizations in underserved and underrepresented Seattle communities.

If approved, the fund will distribute $15 million over six years, supporting neighborhoods identified through the green space access mapping conducted by the Office of Community Planning and Development. The Equitable Development Fund will focus on redressing historic underinvestment in communities of color in Seattle. A key tenant of this fund will be openness and responsiveness to the needs identified by community members themselves.

The Seattle Parks Foundation which supports more than 80 neighborhood groups, working together to make parks happen throughout Seattle will deploy its “community partner network” to advocate through the budget process to be sure the fund is part of the 2021 Park District budget, with funds distributed over the course of the next six years.

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