Sustainable Celebrations

Sustainable Celebrations

Take Time to be Thankful

For family, friends and neighbors – and the amazing Pacific Northwest. During This holiday season try and put energy into creating community where you live.

  • Reach out and welcome the new family in your neighborhood.
  • Extend a hand to those who might need some additional help this season – or just a friendly smile. 
  • Spend time creating memories with your family and friends. Gather together or #OptOutside and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest

Lets Talk Waste Reduction

  • Let’s talk waste reduction

The holidays are a time to gather, feast and spend time with loved ones, but it’s also a during this time waste sky rockets. Coordinate with your guest and reduce your waste impact this season. The Guest-Imator can also help reduce waste at holiday meals.

  • Avoid double dishes by coordinating with family and friends prior
  • Add vegan and vegetarian dishes to your dinner
  • Be conscious while you peel your potatoes, making sure to be as waste-less as possible
  • Check the pantry before shopping to avoid overspending
  • Be intentional, if you can use your pressure cooker instead of your oven, opt out for it and save some energy.

Sustainable Celebration

Gift-giving and cooking are money-spending hallmarks of this season, but it doesn’t have to be.  Think about the impact of your shopping decisions. Consider if there are small changes that have you wasting less and enjoying yourself more.

  • When purchasing a gift make sure it is long lasting or can be reused or recycled later.
  • Gift experiences like tickets or gift certificates to local museums, concerts, restaurants or theaters.
  • Get creative with the wrapping.  Magazines, maps, posters, children’s artwork can make great wrapping – and if you do buy wrapping paper, make sure it’s recyclable.