Know your Impact

Know your Impact

Measure your Impact

Now it’s easier to gather data than ever before – so what is your carbon footprint?  Understanding is the first step to making change.  Look for calculators that that are region-specific to get the best data, but don’t stop there! Once you find out how much carbon you use – look for some easy solutions to lower that number!


  • Find your carbon footprint
  • Pledge to take a few simple steps to make a difference
  • Don’t idle! Waiting for a bridge or in the school pick-up line? Turning off your car saves money and improves air quality
  • Carpool, ride your bike, use public transportation or drive an electric or hybrid car. Reduce your carbon footprint by one pound for every mile you do not drive.

SHARE, share alike

Traffic is becoming a challenge – especially during traditional commute hours. A great choice with a lot less hassle is to look for alternatives to driving alone.  According to RideShare, the US could save 33 million gallons of gas each day if the average commuting vehicle carried one additional person. And traffic on the nation’s roads could be reduced as much as 20% if everyone carpooled once a week. So share a ride and reduce your impact!


  • Carpooling is a great and easy way to lessen your impact, ride to work with coworkers or organizing a carpool for your child’s sports team. Check out some benefits of carpooling here.
  • Look into Vanpool and see if there is one in your neighborhood or who works with your company
  • Rideshare Online has tools to help you get started with ride match and cost calculators

Drive Wise!

Going easy on the gas pedal and brakes and maintaining your care reduces emissions, increases safety and saves money on fuel costs at the same time. Using cruise control when driving long distances, keeping heavy items out of your trunk when not in use, as well as keeping your car maintained and your tires inflated are all easy and simple ways you can make a difference.


  • Sometimes you have to drive, and that’s okay find some driving efficiently tips here.
  • Drive Green to save some green. What and how you drive can impact the environment and your wallet.
  • Check your speed!  Studies show that every 5 miles per hour you drive over 60 miles per hour, fuel economy is lowered by 7%.