Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts

Decisions you make in and around your home can help conserve water and reduce your impact on stormwater pollution. Here are four sustainable water choices you can make this summer.

Be Water Wise

Concerns about drought are increasing. You can save water inside and outside your home by making small changes like taking shorter showers and watering your plants and lawns less often. Here are a few ways to help make water wise decisions this summer.


Use Every Drop

Here in Washington, many of our cities are facing droughts and serious
water shortages. You can do your part by getting the most out of your water
– and using every drop. Here are a few tips you can try this summer:


  • Only wash full loads of laundry. Washing full loads is always the best way
    to conserve water. Here are a few more tips to save water when doing
    your laundry.
  • Consider putting a bucket in the shower while the water is heating up and
    using the water you saved to water your plants. Check here for other
  • Try collecting rainwater and use it to water your garden. This calculator will
    tell you how much rainwater you could save based on your roof size, and
    you can use this guide to make your own rain barrel.
  • Fill a pitcher of water and leave it in the fridge so you don’t let the tap run
    while waiting for the water to get cool.

Be Stormwater Savvy

One-third of Washington’s water sources are threatened by stormwater runoff pollution. Stormwater pollution comes from many sources – including all of our driveways, parking lots and urban areas. Fortunately, there are individual actions we can take to reduce our impact and keep our water cleaner and healthier.


Take the Pledge

Ready to commit to taking action? Take the Earth Day Northwest 2020 Pledge today, and share your commitment with family and friends.


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