Healthy Communities, Healthy Planet

Healthy Communities, Healthy Planet

Get Outside

After months in the dark of winter, spring in the Pacific Northwest reminds us that we relish being outside. Whether you are getting out in the Cascades or taking an urban hike,
take a moment to honor the history and respect the indigenous land where we live and recreate.

Download the Native Land app to learn about indigenous land and how we can respect the environment around us. Leave No Trace “in our backyard or the backcountry” to improve the health of our communities.


Leave Your Car at Home

May is Bike to Work Month and a great time to consider biking for a healthier commute. Biking is great exercise, it reduces parking and transportation hassle – and is virtually a zero-emission form of transportation.

You can also consider a biking/transit hybrid. Check out this guide to bringing your bike. Biking not an option? Walking to Work or taking transit are great alternatives to switch up your commute.


Banish Bug Spray

Insect populations are in crisis. Insects make up 80% of the world’s known species. They pollinate most of our plants and flowers. Without them, we would not have a stable source of food. Pesticides are rarely targeted to one species, and they kill many other insects, wildlife and plant species.

From food to clothing to garden products, organic products avoid the use of pesticides and herbicides. Take Earth Day Network’s Pesticide Pledge to stop using pesticides today and spread the word.


Take the Pledge

Ready to commit to taking action? Take the Earth Day Northwest 2020 Pledge today, and share your commitment with family and friends.


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