Central Cascades Watershed & Climate Resilience Organizer

Central Cascades Watershed & Climate Resilience Organizer

Conservation Northwest

Our Central Cascades Watersheds Restoration (CCWR) program supports a system of nine watersheds interspersed with Puget Sound’s complex built environment, from recreation areas with forest roads and trails to growing cities and towns connected by large and small highways. In this checkerboard landscape, the program works to restore habitat on public lands north and south of Interstate 90 that are vital to wildlife movement between Mount Rainier National Park and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

This habitat encompasses the headwaters of nine watersheds whose health is critical not only to key wildlife habitat, such as elk, bull trout and Chinook salmon, but also to the health of downstream communities. The upper White and Green river watersheds provide the source of the public water supply to Puyallup and Tacoma.

These degraded watersheds are in need of broad strokes to support their restoration and function. Considering the complexity of this region, we are sensitive to the need to be inclusive and equitable of the communities directly and indirectly impacted by the Central Cascades Watersheds, and this project aims to:

  • hire a community organizer already connected to impacted communities to explore existing and potential partnerships in the region to ensure impacted groups and communities are heard and integrated into watershed restoration;
  • improve the built environment that directly and indirectly impacts watershed health and community climate resilience, through decommissioning forest system roads, facilitating watershed cleanups, and restoration of native plants communities and and habitats in areas that have been degraded or are being developed; and
    promote restoration projects and policies that improve ecological restoration, wildlife connectivity and healthy watersheds to ensure climate resilience in the region.