Endangered Species

Endangered Species

Because humans share ecosystems with endangered species, our quality of life and our survival is linked to them. Habitat destruction, climate change, resource depletion and other factors have increased the extinction rate by a factor of 1,000, putting substantial pressure on thousands of the most vulnerable creatures on the planet.

Here are three things you can commit to this month that will make a positive impact on endangered species.

1. Plant pollinator-friendly plants

Use pollinator-friendly plants – in your garden, on your patio and even in window boxes. Different colors, shapes and scents are best and reduce or eliminate pesticides on your pollinator-friendly plants.

Check the U.S. Plants Database to see what species you can add to your garden and take Earth Day Network’s Pesticide Pledge to learn about additional actions you can take to help protect pollinators.

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2. Reduce your use of single-use plastics

Refuse single-use plastics that you don’t need (e.g. straws, produce bags, coffee cup lids, dry cleaning bags, etc.) – and let the businesses know that you’d like them to offer alternatives.

Take the Earth Day Network’s Pledge to End Plastic Pollution and learn more about how you can help end plastic pollution.

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3. Only eat sustainable seafood

Make sure you are an educated consumer by referencing SeaFood Watch Cards or download the app to support restaurants and businesses that use sustainable practices.

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