Navigating Sustainability  A two-part digital convening working to address regional sustainability and resiliency

Taking Action
for a Sustinable Pacific Northwest

Voices Carry

Your voice carries power, so use it.

We asked 50 influential regional and national voices to share their vision of a positive future over the next 5 years.

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Next 5

Earth Day Northwest 2020 celebrates the #NEXT5 decades of Earth Day by asking organizations and individuals to take action for the environment and our communities.

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We’re celebrating the #NEXT5 decades of Earth Day by asking organizations and individuals to make a public commitment to preserve and protects the environment and our communities.


We uphold three key objectives:

Protect and preserve the natural environment.
Expect and commit to equity and inclusion.
Ensure our built communities – cities and towns – are safe, livable and healthy.

About Earth Day Northwest 2020

The first-ever Earth Day in 1970 sparked landmark legislation to protect our air, our water and endangered species. It also catalyzed the creation of the EPA. Today, we have an opportunity to drive efforts to deliver the biggest, highest-impact Earth Day that Puget Sound, the state of Washington, and the Pacific Northwest have ever witnessed. Earth Day Northwest 2020 seizes the opportunity of the 50th anniversary, challenging all of us to take collective action and leadership.